Weight lifting shoes/ Minimalist shoes

Lifting Shoes- Get your lift ON!

If you are serious about becoming a more stable and heavier lifter,  weight lifting shoes are a “MUST” according to strength coach Mark Rippetoe.  Below are a few links so you can check out a variety of styles and pricing.


Reebok CrossFit Lifting Shoes

Rogue Fitness Shoes

VS Athletics Shoes

Reviews on ALL BRANDS

Here are some links to some tried and true minimalist shoes that many people from CFDF love!

Minimalist Shoes are a great shoe for most all CrossFit workouts as they encourage pose running and have a flat bottom so they can be helpful in wods with combined lifting movements.  Remember that if you have never used these type of shoes that you do need a break in period for your body to adjust,  as they will fire up the calves!

Merrell minimalist shoes

New Balance minimalist shoes

Reebok CrossFit minimalist shoes


Last modified on May 22, 2012

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