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140423 Wednesday Slaughterfest wod-rope climbs!

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014


Skill: GHD situps- try some of these today either going halfway or all the way down. No more than 20 reps total if these are new to you. If they are not new then do 3 sets of 8 reps.

nwfit gamesnwfit games

140422 Tuesday C&J & CTB or MU

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Lift: Snatch Balance work 10 mins- drop fast and lock it up nice and stable

5 Rounds
6 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
6 CTB Pullups or 3 Muscle Ups

Check out the article below that made the CrossFit Games page! Way to represent CrossFit Dragonfire!

140421 Monday-to partner or not? 7/13 squat cycle starts

Monday, April 21st, 2014


Team Jensen looks so dangerous.

Lift: 7/13 FS/BS program starts

This is a squat cycle created by Spencer Arnold, former U.S. Weightlifting Champion in the 77 kg weight class. 7/13 is a cycle he has tested for years at his gym, always seeing great results. The cycle is based on 3 squat days a week, the first day at a given percentage of your 1 rep max front squat. The second day, the rep cycle is repeated, but at a lower percentage of the 1 RM – usually 94% of the first day of the week. The rep cycle always looks a bit goofy at first. 7/13 is the rep scheme for the first two weeks meaning that you perform 7 front squats, rack the bar, then immediately complete 13 back squats without rest between the two. These two movements comprise 1 set. There are anywhere between 4 and 6 sets per squat day with percentage and rep schemes varying from 65-100% and 7/13 down to 2/4. The third day of the squat cycle is usually a form of recovery, 4×3 @ 70% for instance. Please do this programming instead of your 5/5 program for fs/bs but keep your other lifts the same. I would really love for everyone to at least give this a shot. REMEMBER that we are going off percentages but if it feels too heavy then GO DOWN in weight- I want to use this cycle not only gain strength but to improve technique so that we are ALL better in the long run! Since we have people hitting the gym on different days of the week I will put up the 3 days of percentages on the board every week and in the Monday post for the week-that way you can choose what days you do them. This is an 9 week cycle with a max on week 10- so get ready to have improved squats by the end of June!
Base the percentage off your max front squat.
Week 1 Sets Reps %
Day 1 4 7/13 65%
Day 2 4 7/13 94%
Day 3 3 4/3 60%
***Day 2 at 94% refers to 94% of the weight completed on Day 1 of that week

7 rounds if you do it by yourself or 8 rounds if you partner up

Run 100 Meters (parking lot, corner of bldg to corner of bldg and back in)
10 Burpees
Run 100 Meters
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings A:2/1.5 or B:1.5/1

If possible, perform this as 8 rounds each with a partner, alternating
full rounds and resting while your partner works. It adds a little rest,
but you’ll make up for that with increased intensity when it’s your turn.

Sunday or a recovery day?

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Here are some great pics from the Festius.


Way to go team Dragonfire! So proud of you all. Thanks for making it such a great day. Congrats to Beth and Chey they both made it into the final WOD. Chey took 3rd in her division.

Game day

Friday, April 18th, 2014


Come support our members today when they compete at the Festivus games in Sandy, Oregon. If you can make it, Dragonfire be open from 10am to 12pm. Some of our Masters will be doing their regional WODs. I will be up in Sandy coaching and Michele will be at the gym. Good luck to all competitors.


Friday with Wodfather and James

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Team work at its best!

Team work at its best!

No matter how old or young, It feels so good to achieve a goal no matter how big or small.

No matter how old or young, It feels so good to achieve a goal no matter how big or small.

strength and beauty all in one.

strength and beauty all in one.

A true American stud!

A true American stud!

He didn't choose the thug life, the thug chose him.

He didn’t choose the thug life, the thug chose him.

Umm, not sure about this guy.

Umm, not sure about this guy.

Its been a fun week, lets end it on a good and let support our Masters and competitors this weekend.

140417 Thursday

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

masters 2


Here is photos of some of our BadASS masters from yesterday! Tonight at 5pm the Masters regional wods will be announced. If you are here and not competing at the Festivus games this Saturday I would love to have some of you run through the wods so we can have some test data. This is gonna be a busy weekend! I will post wods at the gym tonight and if you get here early and they are not up yet then you can do one of the wods from the Festivus Games. Festivus games is at Paleo Fit Box in Sandy right across from the Fred Meyers, come support your crew starting at 9am on Sat.! We have quite a few competing so it should be lots of fun.

Next week I am going to start a new squat cycle for anyone who wants to join in. If anyone needs updated lifting programs then let me know and after this weekends madness is over I will get you set up.


Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


Sounds like Kelli’s Rx.


Three attempts
P bar L sits
Post best time


10 min AMRAP

10 WB 20/14 to 10′ mark
10 power snatches 95/65

Post reps

Lift day

Monday, April 14th, 2014


If you are gonna lift, then do it right.

Lift (find a partner to lift with)
Bench press
Post load

WOD (this is not for master competitors) Masters must mod.


185 lb Hang Power Clean – 5 reps
Sprint 100 yards
135 lb Push Press – 10 reps
Sprint 80 yards
Russian KB Swing 2 pood – 20 reps
Sprint 60 yards
40 lb Ball Slam – 30 reps
Sprint 20 yards

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

Post round times to comments.


Sunday, April 13th, 2014


Check out this cool kat working on his tan. The sunglasses was not because of the sun but the reflection off of his skin. Before

And after



Prowler push down and back (parking lot)
Men 110# women 70#
Post time


In front of a clock set for 12 minutes:
1 minute of 30-inch box jumps
1 minute of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high-pulls
2 minutes of 30-inch box jumps
2 minutes of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high-pulls
3 minutes of 30-inch box jumps
3 minutes of 115-lb. sumo deadlift high-pulls