Lisa’s Birthday WOD!

Posted by on June 1, 2012

It’s Colby’s birthday too but we will do his on Sunday. I believe Shelly’s birthday on Sunday. Hollycrap balls! Happy Birthday you crazy farts!

Warm up: 1 hour warm up! JK Happy birthday Lisa! One rep was added from last year. Lets see if LF can beat her old time even though we added an extra rep!

2 Rounds

Run 400M
49 deads (135,95)
49 DU’s
49 burpee jumps 12 inches above max reach

Old times:
AC: 21:34 rx
CF: 23:20 rx
LF: 23:33 rx
SG: 26:28 rx
CP: 27:00 (singles 65)
ALLYCAT: 38:24 (singles 45)
PS: 28:40 (singles 75, 20 each burps)

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2 Responses to “Lisa’s Birthday WOD!”

  1. Queen "B" Says:

    Sorry we are going to miss this one :( Happy birthday Lisa!!!!!!

  2. Chris Says:

    Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart
    Best Wife, Mom, and Partner I could ever hope for, let alone deserve.

    Way to kill the WOD today. I’m proud fo you.

    Love you!!

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