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AM WOD or Ape Caves

Friday, July 1st, 2011

If you are joining us to the trip to the Ape caves, meet at the gym by 9 am. Yes Sara I said 9 am not 9:14 or 9:28 am. The trip takes 2 hours from Boring. Note: please bring warm clothes, I hear it is a cold 45 degrees in there and you will need a flashlight. I went to the Dollar store and got a few of those glow sticks. If you don’t have any I’ll sell you one of mine for $4. (just joking) After the Ape caves we are having a picnic at Yale reservoir, and if you want to do some fishing, bring your fishing poles. I checked online and kids under 15 years old do not need a fishing license. See you at 9 am